Proff Lacquer soap

Proff Lacquer Soap is a soft natural product used for cleaning any kind of lacquer floor including laminate and vinyl. The Lacquer Soap does not leave any film on the surface but cleans any type of hard floor.

Work Instruction:

1. Shake the soap well before use.

2. Pour 125 ml of Lacquer Soap into 5 liter of lukewarm water. Use two buckets: 1 with soap solution and 1 with rinsing water. Use minimum quantity of Lacquer Soap water on the floor. Leave soap solution long enough on floor in order to dissolve dirt from floor. Remove dirty soap water from floor with mop and rinse mop in bucket with rinsing water.

3. Always wipe floor after removal of dirty soap water with hard soap wrung mop. Make sure that no puddles of water are left on the floor.

4. Leave the floor to dry before using.

5. If floor looks dull, apply Proff Lacquer Care for revitalizing the lacquered surface.

Disposal: residues and containers are disposed of in accordance with local government regulations.

Declaration of content:

Consumption: 1 liter to 400 – 450 m2 of floor