Wood Lye

In white and grey

Wood Lye is a non corrosive primer and will produce a light white or grey wash finish on all wood species. Wood Lye offers a good protection against the yellowing process of many wood species and is easy to apply.

Work instruction:

1. Ensure that the woodwork is freshly sanded, dry, and free from dust before applying the lye. Shake the bottle well before applying and pour the lye into plastic container for easy access to the lye.

2. Start applying lengthwise an even coat of lye using a nylon paint brush. Apply 1 liter to approx. 10m2 of wood.

3. Overhead application is possible but make sure to wear goggles to omit getting material in eyes.

4. After drying for 8 hours at 18 degrees Celsius, application of oil may be made. Prior to oil application, the surface of the wood is polished with a green pad either from hand or with a floor machine.

5. Clean tools with plenty of water.

6. After priming with Wood Lye, a basic treatment with Proff Master Oil is recommended.

Declaration of content:

Warning label:

Consumption: 1 liter to 8 – 10m2