Drift Wood Lye

Proff Drift Wood Lye may be used on especially on oak in order to produce a weathered look. Drift
Wood Lye reacts with tannic acid in oak and creates a unique colour. Drift Wood Lye is available in white and grey. After lye application, the woodwork needs Proff Oil Colour Oil in white, grey or black.

Work Instruction:
1. The surface of the wood must be completely dry and free from dirt and grease. The surface should be freshly sanded before application.
2. Shake the bottle well and pour material into plastic bucket and stir well so that all pigments and lime are evenly distributed in material.
3. Use goggles and gloves for protection.
4. Apply lye in an even layer lengthwise of the boards using an acid proof brush.
5. Stir material regularly during application.
6. Use 1 liter of lye to 10m2 of floor or panel.
7. Clean tools with water.
8. After basic priming with lye, a finishing treatment is required. Wait for 6 hours after application before surface de-nipped to remove excess pigments and lime from surface.
9. Leave for drying before application of Proff Woodcare Proff Colour Oil white or grey.
Disposal: Empty containers and product residue disposed of according to regional rules and regulations.

Declaration of content: Calcium hydroxide
Consumption: 1 liter to 8 – 10m2 of woodwork
Storage: Keep in tightly closed original packaging. Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost free and out of the reach of children.

Note!! Please always make a test on the surface for controlling the compatibility