Welcome to our Proff Woodcare website

We are proud to inform we have a complete program for all types of wood flooring from different lye for both softwood and hardwood and in different colors to give them a rustic look to finishing with soaps with and with out wax and durable varnishes and oils in different variants.

The products are developed as there are types for the wood flooring industry, for professional installers and user-friendly types for private homes.

We can also offer outdoor wood protection/wood care products ranging from cleaners to pigmented oils for garden furniture and woodwork etc. which are based on natural oil sand where the environment is a high priority.


Proff Woodcare Industrial Oil and Proff Woodcare Oil have been tested and approved for indoor use by Eurofins

The tested product complies with the requirements of DlBt (October 2010) in combination with the NIK values from AgBB (June 2012) for use in the indoor environment.

Read the attestation here

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