Oil Mousse

Natural and white

Proff Woodcare Oil Mousse is suitable for use on all pre-oiled interior kitchen work tops and furniture and woodwork in general. Oil Mousse offers a strong protection against fluids and dirt and produces a hard wearing surface. Oil Mousse natural enhances the natural grain of the wood whereas Oil Mousse white lends a white wash finish either to pine or oak enhancing also the natural grain. Oil Mousse is a fast drying oil. Polish the Mousse well inside the wood grain either by hand or with small hand buffer.

Work Instruction:

1. Make sure that the wood is either freshly sanded or cleaned with Intensive Wood Cleaner. Ensure that any dirt or stains are removed before the application of the Oil Mousse. The wood must be dry before applying the Mousse.

2. Shake the can well and ensure, in case of coloured oil, that all white pigments are evenly distributed in material before application. Apply Mousse with cotton cloth or white polishing pad. Now work the Mousse into the wood grain with white polishing pad from hand or with hand buffer. If necessary, reapply and polish in order to saturate the wood grain.

3. After a 6 hour pre-drying of the area, buff the whole area again with white pad and reapply Mousse if the surface does not look highly saturated.

4. Leave the oiled area to dry for 24 hours. Do not expose the wood work to water during drying time.

Risk of self ignition: sanding dust and oil wetted cloths and pads must be disposed of either by soaking in water or burnt immediately after use. Risk of self ignition.

Disposal: Empty containers and product residue disposed of according to regional rules and regulations.

Declaration of content:

VOC content info:

Consumption: 1 liter to 30 – 40m2 of woodwork

  • 1. Storage: Keep in tightly closed original packaging. Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free and out the reach of children.
  • 2. Note!! Please always make a test coat on the surface for controlling the compatibility
  • 3. Warning: Rags, pads, or waste soaked with oil may selfignite if improperly discarded. Immediately after use, place all rags and waste in a sealed, water filled bucket for prober disposal.