Isofin Soap with Wax

Isofin Soap with Wax – natural and white are based on effective wood soaps, added wax, surface actives and titan white. The mixture makes the product very effective for cleaning and for letting it into the pores and surface of the wood, which provides the wood with an effective protection against coffee, red wine, grease etc. Isofin Soap with Wax provides the wood with a surface, looking silky mat and easy to clean. Isofin Soap with Wax is a pure and friendly product to the environment.


Isofin Soap with Wax is especially made for after treatment and daily cleaning of lye treated or oiled wood on floors, furniture, doors etc. It is also qualified for old lye treated or untreated wood that needs to be refreshed. The soap can also be used for new or new grinded wood. Isofin Soap with Wax, natural or white, is used, depending on how light a result you want.

Isofin Soap with Wax natural is typically used for dark wood sorts (mahogany, teak, cherry etc) whilst the Isofin Soap with Wax white typically is used for light wood sorts and/or lye treated wood (beech, pine, ash, oak etc) The soap can be applied 1 hour after the lay treatment.

Directions of use:

1: Lye treated wood must be filled with a fat combination of Isofin Soap with Wax and water:1 part of soap to 10 parts of water.

2: The wood must be washed in length direction with a rag or floor cloth.


The daily maintenance and cleaning process of wood treated with Isofin Soap with Wax is simply vacuuming. When the wood starts to take dirt, it is easy to wash with the Isofin Soap with Wax as above mentioned.

Very dirty wood or spots are washed away with wood cleaner an then treated with Isofin Soap with Wax.

Disposal: Empty containers and product residue disposed of according to regional rules and regulations.

Declaration of content:

VOC content info:

Consumption: 20-60 m2 per liter by 1 part soap to 10 liters of water.

  • Storage: Keep in tightly closed original packaging. Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free and out the reach of children.
  • Note!! Please always make a test coat on the surface for controlling the compatibility