Exterior Wood Oil

Proff Exterior Wood Oil is for finishing of any type of exterior wood – garden furniture, decking boards, fences, and cladding. Exterior Wood Oil may be use for all wood species without exceptions. Exterior Wood Oil is available in a number of colours, and we recommend choosing a colour close to the wood species in questions. The combination of pigment and oil ensures a better protection of the wood and a durable finish. Exterior Wood Oil may be applied on untreated wood but also used for maintenance of the wood at a later date. The selection of oil components in combination with water repellent and anti fungus agents guaranties a durable and easy to apply material. Furthermore, the Exterior Wood Oil has a built-in UV-filter protecting the wood from the damaging rays from the sun.

Work Instruction:

1. Clean the wood work with Proff Exterior Wood Cleaner carefully before application of the oil. Make sure that the woodwork is completely dry before starting the application of the oil. Moisture in wood should not exceed 15% relative moisture content. Application should be made in dry weather with low humidity.

2. Stir the container well and ensure that all pigments are evenly distributed in material before application. Apply the oil in dry weather and do not apply in direct sunlight. Apply 1 liter of oil to 10 to 15 m2 of wood work with a paint brush in a thin layer. Let the oil penetrate the wood grain for up to 15 min. and if dry spot appear, reapply oil. Now work the oil into the wood grain with pad or pad mounted under floor machine in case of decking boards. Any excess oil is removed from surface with cotton cloths.

3. When the oil is dry after 24 hours, the woodwork may need buffing with polishing pad to smoothen the surface.


It is recommended to apply oil for maintenance whenever the finish seems to lack lustre. First clean the woodwork with Proff Exterior Wood Cleaner and follow the instruction above for work process.

Risk of self ignition: sanding dust and oil wetted cloths and pads should be disposed of either by soaking in water or burnt immediately after use. Risk of self ignition.

Disposal: Empty containers and product residue disposed of according to regional rules and regulations.

Declaration of content:

VOC content info:

Consumption: 1 liter 10 – 15m2 of woodwork

  • Storage: Keep in tightly closed original packaging. Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free and out the reach of children.
  • Note!! Please always make a test coat on the surface for controlling the compatibility
  • Warning: Rags, pads, or waste soaked with oil may self ignite if improperly discarded. Immediately after use, place all rags and waste in a sealed, water filled bucket for prober disposal.